Sustainable, responsible
and financially efficient.

What do we mean by
Hybrid and Electric vehicles.

Simply, it is those vehicles which in part or wholly power themselves using electricity stored in an on-board battery. They range from hatchbacks to supercars and commercial vehicles. Powertrain investment by the world’s largest manufacturers has been phenomenal and now you can enjoy the rewards.

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Hybrid vehicles benefit from low CO2 emissions, ever increasing range and enhanced performance. Motorsport derived and rapidly developed, progression in battery cell and electric motor technology translates to the road to not only hone the driving experience but drive sustainability.

With an ever broadening array of low CO2 offerings, Global has the expertise to advise and implement a strategy for fleet managers on how to maximise the advantages these vehicles have to offer each driver’s respective role.

Keeping you on the road with our Partners BP Chargemaster.

The UK's largest installer and network of charging stations.

Electric vehicles (or EVs) often take the form of being pure battery-electric, or battery-electric with a small range extender engine which acts as an electricity generator to relieve range anxiety for longer journeys where charging may not yet be possible on route. Pure EVs benefit from producing zero local tailpipe emissions and with battery and charger technology developing rapidly, they can go further and charge quicker than ever before.

Keeping you on the road with our Partners BP Chargemaster.

The UK’s largest network of charging stations.

Driving the future today.

With enhanced performance and attractive tax efficient running costs, choosing a hybrid or fully electric vehicle need not be a burden, but a pleasure.

Global’s tailored solution to flexible and efficient fleet management operating hybrid or pure electric can be successful from today in to the future. Our relationships with leading manufacturers and our own commitment to the industry means we have stocked, tested and have developed a first-hand understanding of this type of fleet.


  • Most vehicle categories can be available as hybrid.
  • An increasing amount are becoming fully electric.
  • Performance, refinement and driving experience is often enhanced.
  • The Benefit-in-kind is often advantageous.
  • Charging networks are more widespread than ever before.
  • Charging times continue to fall as battery and charger technology improves.
  • Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles have no range issues as they can be driven on fuel.

The changing world of corporate mobility.

Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure.

The impact of WLTP (the latest, more stringent and more accurate to real-world driving emissions and consumption testing procedure for new vehicles) is being seen across company car users. In many cases, the same vehicle’s official CO2 emissions will have increased compared with testing under the outgoing NEDC test cycle, which is resulting in vehicles falling into higher BIK brackets. While company car tax is awaiting reconciliation in the UK and the journey to fully sustainable vehicles is picking up pace, the case for hybrid and pure electric is stronger than ever. Our in-house expertise can help clients navigate the complex but necessary tax implications for individuals or large fleet operators. The impact of WLTP and the resulting increases in BIK make the case for hybrid and electric more persuasive.

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