Contract Hire

Contract Hire

Benefit from short lead times by opting for one of our premium vehicles held in stock, alternatively choose any make or model and we will happily provide quotations for 12 - 48 month contracts.

We offer a full range of services including:

Fleet Management
Tailored Mileage Allowance
Sale & Lease Back
Full Maintenance Package
Roadside Assistance
Vehicle Movement & Storage


  • Flexible mileage agreements to suit your business requirements.
  • No hidden costs, you pay a fixed monthly fee.
  • Valuable capital tied up in your fleet is freed up. ​
  • Reduce administrative costs with our fleet management team.
  • Vehicle residual values are no longer your financial risk.
  • We provide UK wide services for all maintenance requirements.

Streamline your fleet management

Our aim is to relieve companies of the administrative burden and large financial commitments associated with owning a fleet of vehicles. This is provided through the provision of the entire fleet or through 'sale and leaseback' arrangements whereby ​we will buy the existing fleet and seamlessly hire the vehicles back on a monthly basis without disruption to the drivers.