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Global Mileage Capture Form

Going Abroad

Taking your Global vehicle abroad.

View ‘Taking Your Global Vehicle Abroad’ document

Global Insurance Information

Understanding insurance requirements.

We want to make sure you stay safe and above all you enjoy the premium vehicle you have from Global. Insurance is not only a legal requirement but it can be a life saver, quite literally in the event of an accident. Adequate and appropriate cover from a well rated provider provides you and us with peace of mind.

View ‘Global Insurance Guide’ document

Global Guide to WLTP

Understanding WLTP and its implications.

WLTP has and will continue to have a significant impact on the automotive industry and fleet management as a whole. The method of assessing emissions and the way that new vehicle data can have implications for taxes and corporate carbon commitments is now clear. When selecting a vehicle for a longer term contract it’s particularly important that you understand the way these policies can impact you and your business. It also improves the case for rental scenarios where the liability is mitigated along with next generation low CO2 fleets.

View ‘Global Guide to WLTP’ document

Global Driver’s Guide

Our Full Driver’s Guide (2020 Edition).

Everything you need to know about safe custody of a Global vehicle. This guide is usually given to any new driver and is an invaluable resource. The guide helps you understand the services we provide and how you can access our team of experts when you need to.

View Global Driver’s Guide

Global resources.

Important information, accessible when you need it most.



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