Fleet Management.

Smarter, more effective fleet management, tailored to your business – whatever the size of your fleet, Global is your perfect partner.

• Saves time and gives you back the resources you are currently using on fleet administration and management
• Allows you the time back to focus on your core business
• Enables you to focus on your profit streams
• Leave the experts to help you to save costs

Our team will handle all aspects of fleet management and fleet administration to ensure all vehicles are road legal. Our services include the following:

• Parking permit requests
• Monitoring insurance renewals
• Driver licence checking



We understand the importance of keeping your fleet on the road and that it takes significant time and specialist knowledge. We offer a complete maintenance control programme for your vehicles, delivered by an outstanding technical team.


The benefits for you

Amongst other benefits are Robust pre-authorisation process and regular updates and our negotiated rates through our preferred service partners nationwide or our own service and maintenance facility in Yorkshire


It is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is serviced regularly and in accordance with the manufacturer maintenance schedule. Failure to do this could result in costs being incurred by you or your employer.

When a service or other maintenance is due, please contact us so we can advise and approve the process to follow. All necessary work should be undertaken as soon as possible, once authorised by Global. No repairs or maintenance may be carried out without our prior authorisation. As the driver, it’s your responsibility to pass our contact details to the approved contractor but from this point on we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re driving a high performance vehicle, please be aware that some manufacturers require a ‘run in service’ of 1,000 miles. Failure to have this carried out may incur costs which you or your company are liable to pay.

If the vehicle manufacturer handbook is not in the vehicle or you require any further information please contact Global on 0113 391 8040. Be aware that many vehicles have an electronic handbook on board the vehicle, we can help point you in the right direction.

Unfortunately accidents happen, so when things go wrong we want to get your drivers back on the road quickly and take care of your vehicles with our Accident Management solution. We take away the hassle of claims and repairs through our preferred partners, allowing you to get on with business.

We can offer a complete Accident Management solution, or tailored service, with the care and attention that you enjoy from Global in all other areas of your experience.

The benefits for you

• Lower administration costs and costs of repair
• Less downtime
• 24 hour accident helpline
• Full accident and claims service
• Centralised billing

To learn more about the services we offer, please get in contact

You need to know that your drivers and vehicles are in safe hands if something goes wrong whether they are at home or abroad. We offer UK and European roadside assistance and recovery from a leading UK provider. Our Roadside Assistance service gives you complete cover and peace of mind.

The benefits for you

•  24/7 cover
• Saves time and money on administration
• Minimises downtime

We understand how important it is for businesses to keep their drivers on the road so in the event of a breakdown our Driver Services Team are here to assist and ensure all drivers are supported and benefit from the services each manufacturer offers.

Please visit our Global Resources page and view our Driver’s Guide which confirms the level of breakdown cover offered by each manufacturer.

If you break down please contact the manufacturer of the vehicle you are driving (see below) or contact your employer. In the unfortunate event you have an accident, you need to check your company’s process and contact your employer’s Fleet Manager. Please ensure you tell Global about any breakdowns or accidents.

If your vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside, we’ll help you get your vehicle to a repair centre. We only work with authorised centres and you’ll need to get our permission before repair work begins on any Global vehicle. Failure to do so may mean you’re liable for repair and/or any rectification costs.

If you require assistance please call Global on 0113 391 8040 and select option 2.

Contact details for roadside assistance

Less than 8 years old:
Vauxhall (hybrid and electric vehicles): 0800 553 388

Less than 5 years old:
Maxus: 0333 0702637

Less than 4 years old:
Mercedes-Benz: 020 7975 7077

Less than 3 years old:
Audi: 0800 699 999
BMW: 0800 777 111
Ford (LCV): 020 3564 4444
Jaguar: 0800 246 844
Land Rover: 0800 521 786
Lexus: 0800 246 866
Mazda: 0800 777 179
MINI: 0800 777 101
Mitsubishi: 0800 587 9833
Nissan: 0800 246 820
Renault: 0800 085 8005
Skoda: 0800 526 652
Volkswagen (LCV): 0800 777 192
Volvo: 0800 777 116

Less than 2 years old:
Cupra: 0800 197 6451
SEAT: 0800 262 622

Less than 1 year old:
Ford (cars): 020 3564 4444
Hyundai: 0800 980 2733
Kia: 0333 202 1827
MG: 0800 072 3338
Peugeot: 0800 197 2045
Toyota: 0800 246 824
Vauxhall (petrol and diesel vehicles): 0800 553 388
Volkswagen (cars): 0800 777 192

Our Fuel Management service takes care of all the important areas of fuel purchasing so you can focus on getting the most from your company’s investment in mobility.

The benefits for you

• Lower administration costs and costs of repair
• Cash-free transactions for drivers
• Continuous mileage monitoring
• Tracking of fuel efficiency

Grey Fleet poses well known financial and legal risks so it is vital to manage it properly. Our Grey Fleet Management tools help you to make this into a more productive element of your company’s overall mobility provision.

The benefits for you

• Controls costs and fulfils Duty of Care obligations
• Covers driver, vehicle and policy issues
• Modular approach meets your priorities

Our comprehensive approach to fleet risk management delivers more than safety compliance. It will help you achieve improvements in costs, operational efficiency and safety. From licence checking to driver training, we can help to keep your drivers and your fleet safe.

The benefits for you

• Reduces fleet risk and associated costs
• Increases safety for your employees and those around them
• Helps you comply with current and anticipated legislation