Light Commercial Vehicles.

Commercial vehicles are vital to business, so choosing correctly specified vehicles for the task is essential. Global can provide not only immediate, flexible LCVs but bespoke solutions for fleets of all sizes.

Bespoke Solutions.

In order to provide your ideal commercial fleet, we take time to understand your business requirements and how we can best support each driver in their job. We will help you select the right size vehicle with the correct crew, payload and terrain capability, then customise accordingly – including ply-lining, shelving units, internal/external racking, enhanced security systems, trackers, beacons/lights, ventilation, graphics/liveries and tow bars.


Benefits & Services.

Light Commercial Vehicles on Daily Rental or Contract Hire
Fully maintained commercial vehicles
A flexible, fully comprehensive approach to Fleet Management
Support from our Global Driver Services team throughout the hire
Bespoke solutions for both interior and exterior
Fitting of live trackers for security and fleet management