Flexible solutions for you and your business.

Gives the customer the control, GlobalFlex combines the flexibility of daily rental and leasing without paying a premium. Select from our wide range of brand new and high specification vehicles with no contractual commitments and therefore no early termination charges.

How it works

GlobalFlex is specifically designed to combine the benefits of daily rental and leasing without the drawbacks of high costs and long term commitment.

Global recognise that every customer is different and will Flex to your needs tailoring rates, mileages and anticipated length of hire.

Create your own vehicle list from our wide range of cars and vans. This can be banded by job role/driver grade to allow you to give the drivers a choice of vehicle whilst you still maintain control over the costs.


This is the perfect solution for businesses requiring vehicles for a variety of situations with ultimate flexibility. This is mobility as a flexible workforce allowing your business to keep up with the ever changing demands of business.

    • New employees during their probationary period.
    • Hire and off hire vehicles as needed for temporary project teams, agency staff or temporary contractors.
    • Interim vehicles to cover manufacturer lead times while waiting for a contract hire vehicle.
    • Hire and off hire as a convenient alternative to on site pool vehicles.


  • Eliminates unused or spare contract hire vehicles which are too costly to return.
  • Drivers receive new vehicles from day 1 of their employment and remain accountable for the same vehicle until they have finished with it.
  • Ideal for companies who don’t want a short term hire but neither want to commit to longer terms.
  • Drivers retain a choice of vehicle even down to the colour.

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