Driver Services.

We understand the importance of providing a great service to our customers. Global’s Driver Services team are here to help with a range of fleet services. Our expertise will ensure that drivers are supported throughout the life of their contract. We know the demands drivers face every day associated with business travel and therefore the importance of having an expert team at your fingertips to make your journey a better one.

General Maintenance.


Performing regular checks on your vehicle’s fluids is really important – failing to keep things like engine oil and coolant topped up could invalidate the vehicle warranty if a fault occurs as a result. Regular checks minimise the impact on the environment but more importantly reduce the risk of safety issues.


If a warning light is activated on your vehicle, please contact us so we can advise and approve what process to follow and where to take your vehicle. All necessary work should be undertaken as soon as possible, once authorised by Global. No repairs or maintenance may be carried out without our prior authorisation. As the driver, it’s your responsibility to pass our contact details to the approved contractor – but from this point on we’ll take care of the rest.


Many modern diesel vehicles are fitted with DPFs which may require attention, particularly on lower mileage vehicles. The vehicle will have a warning indicator if attention is required, please refer to your manufacturer’s handbook for assistance.

Always check inside the fuel cap to determine if your vehicle is petrol or diesel to avoid misfuelling. Most vehicle manufacturers feature an arrow on the cockpit fuel icon which states which side the fuel cap is on.


This is used to reduce the level of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) that is emitted from the vehicle’s exhaust and is a treatment system that is used for diesel engine vehicles. AdBlue converts 80% of the NOx coming from the exhaust into harmless nitrogen and water vapour.

For most drivers the AdBlue will be refilled during routine servicing, however a warning light will come on if the AdBlue does need to be refilled. This is easy to do, there is small tank in the vehicle where the AdBlue needs to be poured and bottles can be purchased at most service stations. If you are unsure, please check your vehicle handbook which will illustrate where the tank is situated.



Your vehicle will have one of the following: run-flat tyres, spare wheel or mobility kit. Please take time to understand how to use these substitutes.


Global uses national providers for mobile tyres. If you have any issues with the tyres on your vehicle please call us first and then contact our approved suppliers, Kwik Fit Mobile on 0800 425 262.


Tyres with the correct air pressure dramatically improve safety for you and fellow road users. It’s a legal requirement to have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the breadth of the tread and around the entire circumference.

Tyre pressure is also important as it has a crucial influence on the way your vehicle accelerates, brakes and handles, so you should make sure you check it routinely.

Travelling in certain countries or weather conditions may mean that you need to change your tyres. Our Driver Services Team will be available to help you select and purchase additional tyres if required.

WARNING! Please note that driving your vehicle with tyres that are below the legal limit or driving with a crack in your windscreen could result in penalty points on your licence and both you and your employer could be liable for prosecution.

Glass Repairs.


Any windscreen damage needs addressing straight away – chips or cracks can impair vision in the windscreen so it’s important they are repaired promptly. Global uses national providers for windscreens and glass repairs. If you have any issues with the windscreen on your vehicle please call us first and then contact our approved suppliers, National Windscreens on 0800 616 122.

Vehicle Theft.

Sadly, vehicle theft can happen, but acting fast means we can get you back on the road quickly. If you’re unfortunate enough to have your vehicle stolen, call Global immediately.

Parking Fines and Penalty Notices.

Global can’t be held responsible for any fines or charges which you incur whilst using your vehicle. We will charge you an administration fee to handle the matter and any correspondence we have to enter into.

Penalty Charge NoticesParking Enforcement NoticesNotice of Intended Prosecution
• Bus Lane Charge
• Congestion Charge
• Toll Road Charge
• Traffic Offence
• Private Parking
• Breaching Railway Byelaw
• Speeding
• Dangerous Driving
• Traffic Light Offence
• Use of a Mobile Phone
• No use of a Seatbelt

All Parking Fines and Fixed Penalty Notices must be paid within the time allowed by the issuing authority. This prevents any unnecessary administration and possible prosecution. Where a Fine or Penalty is disputed you must advise Global Driver Services in writing immediately.

As registered keepers, Global receives any reminders for unpaid fines and fixed penalty notices. Where possible Global will make representation to the issuing authority on behalf of the customer. There will be an administration charge for this service. If the issuing authority will not allow representation e.g. Transport for London, Global will pay the fine on the customer’s behalf and recharge it with an administration charge.

If you have paid the fine after notification has been received by us, and the issuing authority returns our payment, we will cancel the fine amount. However, the cost of administration will not be cancelled.


Taking Your Vehicle Abroad.

If you’re planning to take your vehicle abroad, we’ll be pleased to help you with the necessary documentation (VE103B Certificate) and support. It is essential that you contact Global first, with at least two weeks’ notice. You must not take your vehicle abroad without our knowledge.

If you are planning to take your vehicle to Europe this summer you will need to obtain the appropriate documentation to comply with European Legislation. 

For further information and support please refer to the ‘Taking Your Vehicle Abroad’ document which you can find under the Global Resources section of our website which provides comprehensive guidance on the various aspects you need to consider when driving within Europe.

Vehicle Connectivity and Connected Services.

Global want our customers to benefit from the high level of functionality of the vehicle they are driving. Many of the premium vehicles supplied by Global have an array of connected digital services to make your experience with the vehicle more rewarding and enjoyable.  These connect you to your vehicle and the world around. To see if you can benefit from the digital services and experience enhanced comfort, entertainment and security in your vehicle please give us a call:

Driver Guides and Resources.

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